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ASA Board

  • Betty Willemsen - President of ASA
  • Peter Sel - Vice-President of ASA
  • Manuel Trocado Costa Duarte - Treasurer of ASA


The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)


The Angelman Syndrome Alliance (ASA) is a partnership of small organizations from around the world that are focused on supporting people with Angelman Syndrome, their loved ones, carers and clinicians. By combining resources, knowledge and a relentless dedication to initiate change, the ASA is uniquely positioned to drive advances in scientific knowledge about Angelman Syndrome. As a rare disease, funding for scientific research from major funders is limited. The ASA is breaking new ground, utilizing limited resources from around the globe in a smarter manner. By combining financial resources we can fund research that individually our organisations could not.

Our mission is to grow and support scientific knowledge about AS that can create fundamental and lasting changes in therapy for people with Angelman Syndrome; so that parents, therapists and clinicians can improve the quality of life of those with AS.

Together we identify research that challenges our knowledge of AS today, to enable us to develop solutions for future therapies. The alliance focuses its investments on innovative science, with our ultimate goal to find therapies for patients with Angelman Syndrome.

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