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How do we get more countries to join ASA?

Every country posts a call to join on their social media. We do this twice a year: during the week of the International AS Awareness day in February and the first week of September.

How and when can you become a member or associate?

  • When an organization sends in the request-form they get an email-reply from the ASA Board stating that an ASA member will personally contact them about their request.
  • This ASA member is the mentor of the new-associate or member. The ASA Board will look for the most logical connection for example in language or in distance.
  • The mentor helps the new-associate or member by answering all their questions and informing them on how we work together.
  • The mentor will explain our Memo, Ethical Code, Grant Procedures and Contracts.
  • The mentor makes sure that all documents are understood and signed by the new-associate or member.
  • The New member or associate uploads all the signed documents by email to the ASA Board.
  • Any country that wants to contribute to the aims and goals of ASA is welcome. So in general every parent organisation that formally applies by sending in all signed documents, can become a member. If there are serious claims why the organization should not join ASA, the board can decide not to let them in and will inform them about the decision by email. This can be done on three grounds:
    1. The organization is suspected of bad intentions;
    2. The organization is situated in a country that already has an ASA member who does not wish to have a second participating;
    3. The organization is not an unremunerated organization and that could be a problem.
  • Congratulations: You get an email from the ASA Board that you are an associate of a member of ASA. Your mentor contacts you and gives you the access code to the internal communication network so you can share in all work details of ASA.

What are the rules of engagement (For example one organization per country)?

  • From the moment that you are accepted into ASA you receive all information about Conferences, Procedures, Grants and Research together with the other members.
  • You become a full ASA member when you join financially (5.000,- and more).
  • You get to be an ASA Associate for two years when you do not join financially (for the time of 1 Grant Round or max. 2 years). After this time you become a full paying ASA member with a minimum input of 5.000,-. Otherwise you leave ASA but you are always welcome at our international conferences.
  • Difference between membership and being an associate: ASA members get to vote during discussions because they are funding members. Associates participate in the ASA discussions because we appreciate the input. However, they do not get to vote.