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Next planned scientific conference:

The plan date for our next international scientific conference on Angelman Syndrome is Q3 2024.

The date and location is not defined yet.


Next yearly ASA Members meeting:

The ASA members plan a meeting in Q3 of 2023 in Spain.  



Previous scientific conferences have been organised in:

  • 7th Bi-Annual meeting - 2022, Vienna, Austria
    Hosted by Austrian Angelman Research Association
    with Prof. Harald Sitte (Meduni Wien)

  • 6th Bi-Annual meeting - 2018, Hamburg, Germany
    Hosted by Angelman e.V.

  • 5th Annual meeting - 2016, Lisbon, Portugal
    Hosted by Angelman Portugal

  • 4th Annual meeting – 2015, Liverpool, England
    Hosted by Assert

  • 3rd Annual meeting – 2014, Paris, France
    Hosted by AFSA

  • 2nd Annual meeting – 2013, Rome, Italy 2013
    Hosted by OR.S.A

  • 1st Annual meeting – 2012, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Hosted by Nina Foundation