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Next planned scientific conference:

The next scientific conference will take place in Coventry (UK) at the DoubleTree Hotel on Thursday, 1st of August 2024 and Friday, 2nd of August 2024.


Next yearly ASA Members meeting:

The ASA members plan a meeting in November of 2023 in Madrid in Spain.  



Previous scientific conferences have been organised in:

  • 7th Bi-Annual meeting - 2022, Vienna, Austria
    Hosted by Austrian Angelman Research Association
    with Prof. Harald Sitte (Meduni Wien)

  • 6th Bi-Annual meeting - 2018, Hamburg, Germany
    Hosted by Angelman e.V.

  • 5th Annual meeting - 2016, Lisbon, Portugal
    Hosted by Angelman Portugal

  • 4th Annual meeting – 2015, Liverpool, England
    Hosted by Assert

  • 3rd Annual meeting – 2014, Paris, France
    Hosted by AFSA

  • 2nd Annual meeting – 2013, Rome, Italy 2013
    Hosted by OR.S.A

  • 1st Annual meeting – 2012, Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Hosted by Nina Foundation