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About ASA

Our mission is to grow and support scientific knowledge about AS that can create fundamental and lasting changes in therapy for patients with Angelman Syndrome; so that parents, therapists and clinicians can improve the quality of life of those with AS. We have a progressive philosophy about the way we combine our resources to form an equal partnership. Every partner of the ASA contributes whatever funds they can. We work as equals and support each other, and in turn are supported by our organisations’ members, the AS family community. Unity and maintaining a simple structure is important and so only one organisation from each country participates in ASA.

The founding documents like Founding Document, Code of Ethics, Policy and Guidelines and the Funding Plan can be found here ASA Founding Documents 

All of the funds gathered by the ASA are going to our cause, this means that all the people that work for the ASA do so on a pro deo basis, they receive no salary or compensation other than the feeling of knowing they contributed to our cause. 

To get information about our board click here: ASA Board

To get information about our memebers click here: ASA members


ASA Postal address

The Angelman Syndrome Alliance is registered in the Netherland at the Chamber of Commerce under the number 75110830 with the RSIN number 860146583

The post address of the Angelman Syndrome Alliance is:
Proveniersstraat 5b