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The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Prof. Hanoch Kaphzan (Israel) – Chairman Hanoch Kaphzan
Prof. Olga Peñagarikano (Spain) Olga Peñagarikano
Prof. Jill Clayton-Smith (United Kingdom) Jill Clayton Smith
Prof. Luis Pereira de Almeida (Portugal) Luis Pereira de Almeida

The role of the SAB is to oversee the review of grant applications, and to offer advice and guidance to the ASA Board and ASA members.


Information about Prof. Hanoch Kaphzan:

Hanoch Kaphzan obtained an MD degree from Tel Aviv University. Following a few years as a combat surgeon, he specialized in psychiatry and became a board-certified psychiatrist. In addition, he graduated from a three-year program at the psychotherapy school to become a psychotherapist. Later, he obtained a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Haifa and continued his studies in neuroscience as a postdoc at New York University in New York, USA. On his return to Israel, he received a faculty position at the University of Haifa where he heads his lab. His research activity is mainly focused on two topics: the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders with a special focus on Angelman syndrome, and the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms of transcranial electrical neurostimulation. Lab website: (

Information about Prof. Olga Peñagarikano:

Olga Peñagarikano is a Research Professor at the University of the Basque Country (UBC), Spain. She received her PhD in Human Genetics from UBC (2004) and completed a two-stage post-doctoral training at Emory University (Atlanta, USA) and at the University of California (Los Angeles, USA) working on the molecular basis and pathophysiology of neurodevelopmental disorders such as Fragile X and Autism (2004-2015). Her work received several awards including a "Top 10 Autism Research Achievements" (2011) from Autism Speaks and a NARSAD Young Investigator award (2015). Since 2015 she leads her own Research Group at UBC with focus on translational research of autism spectrum disorder and related disorders (